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Repairs for Ice Machines in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Ice Machine

Stop the Meltdown

A pool of water steadily spreading out from under your ice machine is never a good sign. The fact is, with so many working parts, ice machines are prone to breaking down. If your business depends on ice to keep working, you need specialized maintenance and repairs from Chandler’s Parts and Service.

What’s Causing the Problem?

Your ice machine depends on a delicate balance of energy and water supply and complex machinery to produce ice. When your machine malfunctions, the problem could be caused by any number of issues, such as the following. 

Power Issues

A defective or damaged power cord, switch or wire can inhibit your machine’s ability to function. Our expert technicians are trained to open up your machine, run tests, diagnose the problem and fix it. 

Temperature Issues

Your freezer incorporates electric power and delicate machinery to control the temperature within the machine. Precise temperatures are important for the ice making process. Even though water freezes at 32 degrees Fahrenheit, in order to ensure properly frozen ice, a freezer needs to maintain a temperature between 0 and 5 degrees. Any higher temperature will impede your machine’s ability to make ice. 

Mechanical Issues

Whether it’s the ice level control-board, the door switch or a defective mold thermostat, we’ll check every part of the machine until we figure out why it isn’t working and then fix what is happening.

Service on All Ice Machines

Different occasions call for different ice, which is why our team at Chandler’s Parts and Service repairs and maintains all types of ice machines. Full-cube, half-cube, nugget, flake or other specialty machines require special training to maintain. We’re ready for the job. Call today for ice machine services.