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Commercial HVAC Services in Baton Rouge, Louisiana 

HVAC Commercial

The Perfect Balance

Temperature is tricky to balance. A slight change in temperature can leave some of your customers and employees freezing or sweating. Chandler’s Parts and Service in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, is the best-equipped company around for commercial HVAC system maintenance.


It may be difficult to imagine needing a heater during the sweltering Louisiana summer months, but once winter rolls around, you’re happy to have a functioning heating system. Not only do temperatures drop well below freezing during the winter, but the cold, humid air cuts you to the bone. We offer heating services to ensure your business will stay at a decent temperature whenever it gets cold. 


You can’t guarantee that the air that comes into your business will be pleasant on the nose. Operating ventilation functions remove any moisture, odors, smoke, heat, dust and airborne bacteria while replenishing oxygen. Make sure your customers and employees can always get a breath of fresh air inside your doors with a proper ventilation system.

Air Conditioning

There is no sweeter feeling than stepping into an air-conditioned room after boiling outside in a Louisiana summer. If you don’t have functioning AC, your business will certainly suffer. Team up with Chandler’s Parts and Service to keep your units up and running all summer long. 

Expert Maintenance and Repairs

You need a maintenance team behind your business that you can rely on to keep your HVAC system in working order. Chandler’s Parts and Service has been providing the area with expert maintenance and repairs since 1978. 

Regular Maintenance

Cut back on your energy costs by keeping your HVAC system running efficiently. Our regular maintenance will keep your machines running longer, and allows us an opportunity to find small problems before they have the chance to get much worse. We’ll arrange a maintenance plan to fit the needs of your business.

Ready for Repairs at Any Time

Your HVAC system works around the clock, but sometimes things go wrong. We always have technicians on hand to take care of whatever HVAC repairs you need. 
Our service trucks are fully stocked with parts so we can take care of the job right away. If you need a rare part for a repair that we don’t have in our trucks or storehouse, we’ll expedite shipping to get it for you as soon as possible. Our service team is here to support you and your business.