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The Most Common Wine Cellar Repairs

Wine Cellar
A wine cellar can be a luxurious addition to a home or business. No matter the purpose of your wine cellar, you need to know the potential repairs you could face should something go wrong. As great as a wine cellar may be, you still face some potential challenges.
Are you experiencing problems with your cooler or cellar? Don't wait on repairs while your wine warms up. These problems are more common than you think.
The Cellar Is Too Warm
Notice that your wine is not cooling to the right temperature? The problem could rest in the thermostat, condenser, evaporator fan, or compressor. You want to repair these problems quickly because they can affect the aging and quality of your wine.
Keep your red wine as close to 55 degrees Fahrenheit as possible and your white wine at a slightly lower temperature - between 48 and 52 degrees is ideal for bright white wines.
Condenser coils get dirty, prompting your cooler from doing its job. You may notice that the dirtier the condenser coils become, the warmer your cooler feels. The progress may happen so slowly that you barely even notice it at first.
The Cooling System Is Unreliable
Sometimes the cooling system fails to turn on when you need it most. This failure could be the result of a faulty fuse or even a power cord that is broken. Other common reasons for this problem include a bad condenser fan that needs to be replaced.
The Evaporator Coil Freezes
The evaporator coil of your cooler can freeze, meaning your cooling system isn't working efficiently. Without an evaporator that works, your cooler is never going to get to the appropriate temperature. The process of fixing the unit could be as simple as getting ice and other debris off the coil, but sometimes the problem is worse.
The Cellar Leaks Water
If the wine cooler leaks only once, someone might have left the door open. Otherwise, you might have a problem with a hose or sealing around the door. Fortunately, these are problems a technician can address easily.
You might also consider that the cellar has an air leak, which will lead to additional condensation.
The Interior Lights Don't Work
When you open the door to your cooler or cold cellar, the lights should turn on, just like with a refrigerator. If the problem is not something easy to spot, like the power is off, the problem probably needs to be handled by professionals. After all, the lights are often expensive and difficult to manage if you aren't familiar with them.
The Cellar Makes Weird Noises
If you have a smaller cooler or cellar refrigerator, you might hear strange sounds if the placement is off or if different parts are loose, creating a vibration. Otherwise, you might have a problem with ventilation. The cooler may need to be pulled away from a wall or other furniture.
The Wine Cellar Needs Maintenance
Sometimes your wine cellar needs some TLC to stay in good shape. In fact, it is always a good idea to procure maintenance and servicing on a regular basis for your wine cellar. During an inspection, the technician may adjust the cellar's temperature, examine hoses, clean coils and other parts, and ensure the cooler has good airflow.
The Best Way to Repair Your Wine Cellar
When you need help dealing with your wine cellar, you have options. In fact, Chandler's Parts and Service provides service for residential, commercial, and industrial situations. When you have a wine cellar in need, we are the name you need to know. Call us today to discuss your need for repairs.